Thursday, March 27, 2014

TODAY! Friday 28th March - talking with Diego Bonnetto from 2pm

Today in building 6 on Cockatoo Island, Diego Bonetto will join me in discussing the recent politics around the Biennale and how it connects to a range of issues such as freedom of speech, corporate sponsorship, the privatisation of the public realm, the relation between capitalism and art, art as a contested site of politics, and the willingness of artists to engage collectively, politically and structurally in the shaping of culture.

This is a part of "present politics" events that will run every Friday afternoon:

Present politics: pavilion for one-to-one and small group discussions:

With Diego Bonetto, Ian Milliss, Jacqueline Milner, Contemporary Art and Feminism research group from SCA, Oliver Watts, Danny Butt, Space, Place, Country research group from SCA, and others to be confirmed.

Each Friday afternoon from 2pm.
Building 6, Cockatoo Island.

Events currently scheduled:

Friday 28 March with Diego Bonetto

Friday 4 April with Oliver Watts
Friday 11 April with Ian Milliss

Discussions will be held with members of the public who happen to be present in Building 6, concerning the current political crisis in Australia. Peers, guests, friends and colleagues will be invited to contribute by leading some of the discussions. At other times, I will be present to engage the public on a one-on-one basis. Conversations will generate material for a series of essays to be published after the Biennale.

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